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January 1, 2018

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT):

An Invaluable Community Resource

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program is a model community initiative designed to improve the outcomes of police interactions with people living with mental illnesses. CIT programs are built on local partnerships between law enforcement agencies, mental health providers and advocates. They involve individuals living with mental illnesses and families at all Read More

    How to Encourage Someone to See a Therapist

    It’s hard to watch someone you care about struggle with their mental health. It’s even worse when you know they could benefit from professional help. Approaching an individual and encouraging them to seek therapy can be a tricky situation. If done the wrong way, you could aggravate the person or turn them against the idea entirely. Read More

    Cultural competence is the behaviors, attitudes and skills that allow a health care provider to work effectively with different cultural groups. A culturally Competent provider includes cultural beliefs, values, practices, and attitudes in your care to meet your unique needs.


    Read More

    Your Story: A Powerful Advocacy Tool

    Real life personal stories are able to evoke a far more powerful emotional response than detached facts and figures. When you share your story with your representatives, it helps them remember that when a decision about mental health policy is being made, it’s affecting real lives. Your story can forge relationships with elected officials so that when decisions about mental health policy cross their Read More

    Integrated Treatment for Mental Illness

    and Substance Use

    If you or someone you care about experiences a drug or alcohol issue, there’s a good chance that a mental health condition is present as well. In fact, the 2014 National Survey of Drug Use and Health estimates that one-third of people experiencing substance abuse issues also suffer from a mental Read More

    Preventing Mental Health Effects

    of Divorce on Children

    Researchers have found that teachers and other school personnel may show bias against children in divorced families without even realizing it. This bias can impact expectations about a student’s academic, social and emotional functioning. Even though children are amazing in their ability to navigate the changes and challenges of life, students who experience this type of bias Read More

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